Saturday, 12 June 2010

Full Throttle Fitness WOW # 20:

A solid group in attendence this week. We were joined by some new faces and seasoned veterans. In keeping in touch with Rannoch Donald's Simple Strength Challenge, we kicked off the Full Throttle Fitness Class with a 100 Reps (of Kettlebells exercises that is), then we got down to the real crux of the session. Our focus? covering the main movement patterns Push, Pull, Squat, Press, Lunge, plus throwing static strength endurance in the mix to neatly garnish the class. Coach Skala stepped up to the plate with a brutal Modified Tabata finisher. Bless her.

Full Throttle Fitness WOW #20

Warm up: Joint Mobility

100 Reps Kettlebell Exercises

30 Kettlebell Snatches (15 reps each arm)
30 Kettlebell Long Cycle (15 reps each arm)
60 Kettlebell Squats (variation of choice)

Main Session: Mixed Circuit Training (MCT)

30 seconds work: 15 seconds change to next exercise.

We split the group into A & B. Group A Completed the following circuit

1)Rower level 7 (Flat out)
2)Marine Kit Bag Flip
3)Suspended Triangle hold using the Jungle Gym
4)Double Kettlebell Press

x 2 Circuits.

While Group B completed the following bodyweight circuit

1) Press ups (any variation)
2) Explosive Jumps
3) Static squat hold
4) Plank with alternate knee crunch.

x 2 circuits.

Once each group has completed 2 circuits we changed over and repeated.

After a brief moments respite of 3 minutes we then went into some static bodyweight holds. Here's what it looked like

30 Second hold: 15 seconds recovery

1) Hand stand
2) Partner back to back squat
3) Hand stand hold (facing wall) with knees tucked in.
4) Traingle type old off the Jungle Gym / or parallel bars.

repeat the circuit x 2.

The Finisher: Modified Tabata (20 seconds work: 10 seconds recovery)

Coach Skala came up with a tasy piece to test the local muscular endurance of your lower quadrant, your mental stamina and your sanity! The three exercise below were cycled for 12 rounds in total (3 circuits).

1)Speed squats
3)Mountain Climbers

x 4 circuits of 20:10

Thoroughly spent we cooled down and mergered into the ether, to return refreshed anew for nexts week's session.

Full Throttle Fitness

Saturday 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, SW4 6LE

£10 VIP text / £15 without.

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