Thursday, 14 May 2009

U.K.B.F.F Body Building Championships, London 2009

It had all boiled down to this. The sweat, the pain, the hunger, the tonnes of iron pounded over the months, the bland grilled chicken, the vitamin C supplements, the restless nights. One day. One moment. One chance.

Over the past nine months or so I had watched Clara transform herself into a finely tuned, chiseled, athletic machine. The Ms Physique at U.K.B.F.F Body Building Championships was a challenging goal she had set herself. At the age of forty one it was the first time she had been on stage in a competition (she's the one in the picture on the far right in the purple outfit). She had successfully managed juggle full time work at a Cancer Charity, being a mother, and putting the grueling hours under the iron.

The Ms Physique competitors had to perform standard poses - front view, side view, rear view. Then in the evening session adorned in their glamorous outfits, the women had a face off on stage in a final pose down. The competition was fierce, and to my disbelief Clara, representing Yorky's Gym in Battersea, London, didn't make it through to the next stage of the U.K.B.F.F Nationals. The judges felt the wrath of the crowds obvious disappointment. Check out the pictures below, leave a comment tell us what you think. Clara remained optimistic, and vowed to be back next year.

"I felt and excitable nervousness, it was a buzz and just an overwhelming sense of acievement"
- Clara Mosha

While traditional Body Building training can often be seen as rigid, and caught up in old school dogma, as a physique athlete Clara varied her training where appropriate, and even made it down to an Industrial Strength Session. I'll be asking Clara if she would be willing to share her some of her workout routines online, and give an insight to the nutritional methods used to get her into phenomenal shape.

It was the first time I had been to a Body Building Competition, and it opened my eyes. While I can honestly say that its not for me, I have a new found respect and admiration for the dedication that these athletes have. Awesome.

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