Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Full Throttle Fitness: Workout of the Week

With the Bank holiday quickly becoming a fleeting memory, I thought we'd revisit the Full Throttle Conditioning Fitness class that took place on Saturday at Balance Physiotherapy.

This weeks session was devised by expert trainer Sabina Skala. Here's what we got up to with our deck of cards...

Exercise Selection

Kettlebell Single arm snatch - Spades
Thrusters with Double Kettlebell’s (squat into push press) - Clubs
Box Jumps (on to bench) - Diamonds
Push Ups - Hearts
The number on the suit determined the reps.

Jokers were 25 Burpee - to push - up into tuck jump.

Tasty right? With a mere 6 minutes left in the session I thought we would finish off with a 4 minute density piece. Each exercise lasts 1 minute. No rest between exercises. One Circuit only.

Rower 250 meters (Women Level 5 / Men Level 7)
Medicine Ball Slams (4kg)
Agility shuttle runs
Punch Bag - Speed work (straight shot combination only - Continuously with no rest)

Needless to say we were metabolloxed! Lets see what lays in store next week.....

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