Saturday, 26 July 2008

Form or Function? You decide

I was recently sent a video of the US Olympic Wrestling team at training camp by the guys over at Diesel Crew. To be honest I was quite shocked by what I saw. Have a look at the clip below and see if you can tell what got my jaw dropping. Don't forget to pop back once you've checked it out. Go on, see you in a bit.

Time to Get JACKED!

In regard to the above video I wrote the following response on the Diesel Crew site.

"Jordan Vezina was spot on in his post on the 20th July. Sports specific training should prepare your body for sport and minimalise injury risk. By its nature sport is chaotic (many variables, more difficult to manage risk of injury). Your form (technique) should determine your function, not the other way around. Granted they need to prepare themselves for the chaotic environment, but less exercises with correct technique would be the way forward (then expand), otherwise you’re just doing more stuff - badly!"

Working harder is not always the answer. But working better almost always is.
Michael Johnson
400m Olympic Gold Medalist

So, the clip got me thinking. While training for the chaotic environment of sport, do we have to sacrifice intensity for the sake of form? No. I don't think so. However your intensity should not outstrip your capacity. To illustrate this, the clip below features Dustin Carter. He is an amazing athlete REGARDLESS of his physical 'disability' and I use the word 'disability' in the looses sense of the term. Glenn Cumiskey at the All Well Centre first showed me about Dustin Carter.

Form or Function? Both. I say you can have your cake and eat it. That's what cake is for. Thus enter Dustin Carter....

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