Sunday, 13 July 2008

Want to know how to improve your triathlon ? Well, I just want you extra time and your.....KISS!

Ok, stay with me now. It's easy to get bogged down in making your training more complicated than it needs to be. Why not make it less complicated? (note I didn't say 'easier'). I'm sure you've probably heard of the principle before, but this time, KISS (Keep It Stupidly Simple) has a different twist.

I got the following information from the Iron Mate newsletter. They've got great tips if you're training for a triathlon, from sprint all the way through to Iron Man. Try it out and let me know how you get on (purple suits, high heels and rock guitars are optional).

"KISS" Interval training

Ironmate recommends (Keep it stupidly simple).

Divide your race distance by 10% and complete race pace efforts.
Discipline Sprint Olympic 70.3 Ironman

Swimming: 75m x 9-12 150m x10-12 200m x 6-12 400m x 6-10

Cycling: 1km x10 2km x 4-10 4km x 3-5 16km x 2-4

Running: 500m x5 1km x 5-10 1.5kmx3-6 2 x 30 mins run @ IMHR*

*( IMHR = Ironman heart race intensity).

The above all depends on past experience, fitness level, recovery rate, ability, injury prevention and where you are in your training cycle.

Aim to train once a week at 10% faster than predicted average race pace for cycling and running. For swimming work on increase by 5% (as this is much harder as it is the first discipline in the triathlon).
With cycling and running it is easier to push yourself in training above race pace speeds.

A hard back to back session, swimming then running or cycling then running or even running then cycling, will increase your top end fitness rather than a single discipline where you would lose some of the quality by slowing down.

Ironmate Tip
To improve your speed, designate a speed session to train with someone of similar ability or who is slightly faster. If this is not possible, give your training partner a head start and aim to catch them (playing tag- safely) to make the session harder for you.

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