Tuesday, 22 July 2008

It's like opening a pack of biscuits

I think there is nothing more breath taking than to watch the human body in movement. I had recently attended a grading seminar at Changs Hapkido, London. While at a barbeque later that day I was discussing what I had seen with Sifu Russel Benham of the Win Tsun System. I had noted that when Master Chang had asked some of the students to apply the technique to a different situation they often froze, unsure of what to do next, until further instructed. Sifu Benham had noted this with his some of his own students as well. A practitioner of Changs Hapkido myself, and being involved in boxing for numerous years I had also seen this phenomenon in the ring.

Sifu Benham pondered this for a moment, then after a deliberate pause he spoke,

'Its all about the continuity of movement. Its a bit like opening a pack of biscuits'.

I almost spat my food out laughing. It was simple. Begin at the start, and follow each step to its next logical conclusion and eventually you will reach the end. Genius.

Another discipline that is beginning to sweep the nation (that I also enjoy) is that of parkour. To me it personifies fluidity of movement and athleticism. Check out the different ways the practitoners of the disciplines below flow. Need I say more.



Wing Tsun

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