Friday, 7 May 2010

Lucy Miller's Boxing Blog: Uno Mas

Coach Cj Swaby

So we're three weeks in to Lucy's six week boxing program. Considering she's had only three sessions with me, Lucy's progress has been very impressive. Give me another three weeks and I'll have her fighting on a Mayweather V Pacquiao under card. No, seriously.

Under the watchful eye of all those in attendance at NKD Ambition Studio in Oxford Circus, we gloved up and got to work. After an initial warm up we recapped everything we had covered in the previous weeks. Attack with straight shots (lead and right hand to head and body) plus active defenses (the "Stop" and the "Salute"). Once Lucy had found her groove (and remembered to protect her chin!) she slipped into transition from defense to attack with a slickness reminiscent of the mighty Lennox Lewis. This week we added an evasive defense manoeuvre known as the "Bob and weave". It didn't take long for Lucy to pick this up either.

We recapped all that we had done in the boxing part of the session and went head on to the conditioning section. This week we shook up Lucy's metabolism with a sweet dose of MCT (Mixed Circuit Training) combining Kettlebell exercises, power bag moves and body weight exercises to full effect. Buzzing from the session we parted ways, ready to rumble the following week. Follow Lucy Miller's Boxing Blog with CJS Fitness online at Health & Fitness Magazine.

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