Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Full Throttle Conditioning Workout of The Week (W.O.W) # 18

By Sabina Skala

Another training alone, without my right and (sometimes left) hand CJ, who was assiting Steve Cotter in Birmingham (it was better excuse than last time, when he chose to get himself occupied with giving kisses of life to dummies at Health and Safety course).

The session didnt disappoint though, we had some new kids on the block and ... they did pretty good job!

Warm up - joint mobility

Then 10 rounds of:

10 x KB thruster (light load)
15m bear crawl
15 m burpee to broad jump

Rest 4 mins after completing all 10 rounds

Then 10 rounds of:

5 x plyo push up
10 x kettlebell renegade row (left and right counts as 1)
15 x double kettlebell swing

Variation for Colin (who was injured, but very brave!)
10 rounds of:

10 x ball slam
10 x renegade row
10 x heavy bag flip
Rest 4 mins after completing all 10 rounds

Then 4x body weight squat (30/30)
30 sec squats 30 sec "rest" in a compromised position (thighs parallel to the floor)

+ team game

Cool down

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