Friday, 5 March 2010

W.O.W - workout of the week 27th Feb

The training we did last weekend:

10 KB swings
1 burpee,
10 KB swings
2 burpees, 10 swings 3 burpees, etc... up to 10 swings 10 burpees
3 mins rest

then 5 rounds of KB Complex:
10x renegade row
10x push ups
10x clean
10x front squat
10x push press
10x double swing

Done in a race format. Winner chooses a "punishment" for the 2nd place, 2nd place chooses a panishment for the 3rd place etc...

Rest for 4 mins
KB Snatch ladder 10 - 1

BW squat ladder - Tag Team
("rest" in a squat position while other player (s) squat, the more people involved the harder it becomes)

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