Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W No 9 (C'mon Vogue!)

Here we are. Work out of the week number 9. With Coach Skala off training at Gym Jones in America (and plotting with Mark Twight their UK workshops arrival) it was left to Cj Swaby to hold fort.

Having just edited an article by Steve Cotter for Fighters Only magazine about Strength-Power-Endurance (SPE) protocol for MMA fighters, Cj thought it only right to pay homage by utilising SPE protocol in our mixed circuit training (MCT). This type of training is great for MMA fighters looking to mimic the energy system requirements of their sport. We finished this off with a timed kettlebell set and a little bit of help from Madonna (it will soon become clear).

Full Throttle Fitness Work out of the Week No 9(C'mon Vogue)

Section 1

Warm Up: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement

Main Section: Mixed Circuit Training using SPE

The exercises

1)Double Kettlebell Jerk (Men: 24kg or 16kg / Ladies 12kg or 8kg)
2)Skipping (speed rope)
3)Sandbag Squat with "Tornado" rotation
4)Marine kit bag/ Punch bag: Shoot and flip

5 stations x 1 Minute each
Complete 3 rounds.
Rest 40 seconds between rounds

Section 2

12 minute continuous Kettlebell set

1)Single Kettlebell Snatch x 4 minutes (alternating 1 min per arm)
2)Single arm Kettlebell Jerk s x 4 min (alternating 1 min per arm)
3)Single Kettlebell Snatch x 2 minutes (alternating 1 minute per arm)
4)Single arm kettlebell Jerk x 2 minutes (alternating 1 minute per arm)

The Finisher

After a flash of inspiration, we did a timed steady state run and shoulder dip press up. This is how it went down.

Run two lengths of the gym then 10 shoulder dip press ups (see video clip below). Do this until Madonna's song 'Vogue' finishes. What we didn't realise is that the into to vogue is actually rather long, we had done about 40 press ups each and she hadn't even started singing! Believe you me, we weren't striking any poses after that track finished.

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