Thursday, 19 November 2009

Metabolloxed - The Sequel

Here we go again! Its been a long while since I've had some fun with the tire and sledge hammer. With today being Thursday (Thors-day) I thought it only right that I honour the Norse God with my own hammer time action.

With the sports science theory firmly parked on the bench (never been a big fan of theory - I prefer fact). I got on with the 270 rep protocol that I used last week. Here's how it went down.

Warm up: Joint Mobility

Main Session

Section A (The "warm up")

Single Arm Kettlebell Jerk (24kg) x 10 minutes (5 minutes per arm)

1 minute rest

Single Kettlebell Snatch (24kg) x 6 mins (3 miutes per arm)

2 minutes rest then.....

Section B

Sledge hammer slams onto truck tire (12kg) x 10
Burpee off the tire onto floor and land on tire x 10
Pull ups x 10

Cycle x 3 = 1 Set (no rest between each cycle)

Complete 3 sets

Rest 1 minute between sets

Total: 270 reps

Tasty? Well, put it this way, my grip was smoked and I felt like I could use my lats as wings by the end of this session!!

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