Sunday, 13 December 2009

Metabolloxed - Full Throttle Fitness

This week Allan Fallro and Lil-Marit Overik from MaxPuls Fitness Studio, Norway, joined us for a short, sharp and intense session. I first met Allan and Lil-Marit on the IKFF Kettlebell course in 2008. Lil-Marit powered ahead on the women's strength endurance challenge set by Steve Cotter, while Allan, Jonathan Lewis and I, went head to head on the men's challenge (a sore spot to this day ; )

Taking a break from their Fitness studio, Boxing club and security work, Allan and Lil-Marit were over in chilly old London, taking in the sights. But even on Holiday - there is always time to train!

The Session Blueprint

Warm up: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement (lead by Jonathan Lewis)

Main Session Part 1

Body Weight Circuit

A) 7 stations x 45 seconds each

Rest 30 seconds

B) 7 stations x 45 seconds each

The seven exercises were changed the second time around the circuit. Everyone threw an idea into the pot for the stations.

Rest 1 minute

Main Session Part 2

Timed Kettlebell Complex (select moderately heavy weight)

2:30 x 3 sets (30 seconds rest between)

The Complex

Hand to hand swings x 6
Overhead Squat

= 1 Rep

Complete 3 reps. Alternate continuously for the timed piece.
Complete as many sets as you can in the allotted time.

Job done we washed up and went across the road to cafe secondum in clapham, to take on board some quality nourishment.

Thanks to Coach Skala, Tim Joseph, Bradley Skeete and Mitch for rocking up and joining in on a great training session and locking it down!

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Balance Performance Physiotherapy said...

great session wasnt it! thanks for organising Cj, and inspired idea!