Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tactical Strength Training With Bulgarian Bag

It seems that traditional methods of training are making a comeback, or perhaps they never went out of fashion, just became the cornerstone methods for a select few. With the eternal quest for optimal human performance, gaining the competitive edge can sometimes be found in our past, enter the Bulgarian Bag.

Primarily used by wrestlers and grappling athletes, the Bulgarian Bag is also great for people wanting to develop functional strength and lean muscle mass. The distinctive "yoke" shape means these bags can be used for a variety of effective movements such as squats, lunges, hill/stair running, full body and half-moon swings, bridging, side-to-side "core" and abdominal work, good-mornings, "ground work," overhead pressing, hammer curls, the potential is endless. Comments on the video below are welcome.

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