Sunday, 28 June 2009

Full Throttle Fitness Workout of The Week

Inspired by his recent trip to Trojans Kettlebell Lifting Club run by Bj and Tommy from Optimal Life Fitness (more in a post coming soon) Cj lead this weeks session, focusing on agility and strength endurance.

Full Throttle Fitness Workout of The Week

Warm Up: Joint Mobility
(actively working each joint through a full range of movement 15 - 20 reps each)

Dynamic Bodyweight Movement

Cossack x 1 minute
Walking Lunges x 2 Lengths
Reverse Walking Lunges x 2 Lengths
Low Walking Lungs x 2 Lengths

Agility Ladder Drills

Hot Stepping (double step) x 2 Lengths
Lateral Hot Stepping (Single Step) x 2 lengths
Bear Crawls (Hot Hands) x 2 Lengths
Bear Crawls/ Revers Bear Crawls (hot hands) x 2 Lengths

Kettlebell Section

Freaky 50

(select two Kettlebells of moderate weight)

1) Single Arm Overhead Squat x 10 reps (per arm)
2) Renegade Row into Press Ups x 10 reps
3) Tactical Lunge x 10 reps per side (single Kettlebell)
4) Burpeese x 10 reps

Complete 5 circuits with no designated rest period.

Cool down and stretch out.

Now this may seem like a short piece, but I can assure you that the total of 200 reps will seem like an eternity!

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