Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Beach Babe Bikini Workout? Kettlebells Anyone?

Today I met up with Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditiong Coach Charlotte Ord to spend some time under the Kettlebells with her and Jonathan Lewis. I first met Char at the IKFF CKT Level 1 in Scotland, she impressed everyone with her pressing skills as she took the female pressing competition by the horns. Char has Just finished her first book, Beach Babe Bikini workout, which is fiercely becoming an online hit.

Ever in the pursuit of excellence, never one to shy away from a challenge, or put herself outside of her comfort zone, Char is entering the UK Open Kettlebell Championships this year. Jonathan Lewis and I met up with Char at Balance physiotherapy.

We examined each others Kettlebell technique for the Jerk and the snatch. Noticing the trajectory of the Kettlebell as our arm "corkscrewed" on the descent in the snatch, and loading on the rise phase of the snatch for the correct hand transition. For the Jerk we focused on establishing an effective rack position which would not compromise the ballistic drive in the initial dip phase.

Analyzed out, we decided to knocked out some timed pieces of Jerk and Snatch. Suitably pleased with ourselves we dusted off the chalk and parted ways. Her fluid technique and raw determination will make Charlotte Ord one to watch at the UK Open Kettlebell Championships. Find out more about Charlotte Ord at her website or check out her new book Beach Babe Bikini Workout.

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