Thursday, 25 April 2013

DeadLift Dynamite

Deadlift Dynamite? That's what I'll be needing if I am to win the deadlift in the southern area qualifiers for Britains Natural Strongest Man (BNSM). Last year, my friend and strongman athlete Richard Senewald knocked out 12 reps at 230 to take joint first. Impressive right?

7 Weeks out and here is where I am at the moment.

Got some work to do. As I'm sure you know, There are only certain products I recommend, they have to be of quality, and have to add value. The same goes for the other Strength Coaches I work with.  Luckily I've worked with some of the best, including world record holder Andy Bolton.Think I might give this a go to fine tune my technique, strength and endurance.  Lets see what happens...

Andy Bolton in action......

Some of my training toys have arrived at Crossfit Bold where I am currently training, so piece by piece everything is falling into place.

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