Friday, 5 April 2013

8 Weeks Out

Cj M Swaby

I thought I'd set myself a challenge. I was becoming comfortable being comfortable and I thought that with the start of the WPU Strength Club, I had better lead by example. So I did.

I'm 8 weeks out. On June 1st 2013 I will be competing in the Southern area qualifiers for  Britain's Natural Strongest Man in the U105kg  category in Oxford.  This will be my second competition.  I've got that nervous excited energy in the pit of my stomach, and looking forward to getting into the arena.

I am currently 96/97kg and my strength is currently off the mark. But come 1st June I am sure it will be.
Do you want to know what the event involves?  Well here it is?

105kg Log lift for reps
230kg Deadlift for reps
110kg & 130kg Farmers Walk

Olympic Bar to overhead. Maximum weight wins (no continental cleans)

Plus medley to finish.

Too easy right?  Each week I will be blogging about my training down at Crossfit Bold and Energie Gym in Fulham leading up to the competition.  I'll certainly be reviewing what I learned from the legendary Andy Bolton.

Bricking it? Yes.
Excited? Sure bloody.


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