Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wild Physique Unleashed: Bigger Faster Stronger 2012 Review

By Coach Cj Swaby

Its been an outstanding couple of days. My body is officially broken, every muscle is cursing my name. My ligaments no longer like me. My tendons have turned their back in disgust.

Bigger Faster Stronger was my first Strongman Competition, and will not be my last. I did it to raise funds for the UK based charity, The African Village School Fund.  We asked you to help raise £1.5k. We smashed that target and were only just shy of £2,000.00. Thanks to your generosity the children now have a brighter future. We really appreciate that.

I met some outstanding athletes at the competition. The women were duly represented, with some remarkable performances from Katarina Helcmanovska, and Joslyn Thompson.

My "Brother in Arms" Bj Rule of Optimal Life Fitness, and Stephen Aish of The Strength Academy were alongside me competing (in different weight categories) and lending their support along the way, for which I am grateful.

Want to know how I got on? Want to see the highlights? Then check out the clip below

It was inspiring to be around world class athletes such as Jack Lovett, who recently came second in the 2012 World's Natural Strongest Man (fortunately for me he was just judging that day).  I learned a lot, and got bitten by the competition bug. Looking forward to competing in more Strongman events, and stepping on to the platform in my first powerlifting competition later this year. Every step of the way I will be supporting the African Village School Fund any way I can.

Jack Lovett & Cj Swaby

My nutrition on the day was key, for not only sustaining energy, but aiding recovery.  A big thank you to Sol Fernandez the founder of UP RAW who supplied my nutrition of the day (I used 5 of their Paleo style nutrition snacks, and not much else) and Elete Electrolyte who ensured I was thoroughly hydrated. I couldn't have put in a sterling performance without them.

One thing is for sure, in the immortal words of Arnie, "I'll be back!"  Please do feel free to continue to support the African Village School if you think their work is valid. You can donate by clicking the link below now.

The African Village School Fund.

Yours in strength

Coach Cj Swaby


ben dunn said...

great read, very inspirational the work you obviously put in for the competition. I'm looking to get into this kind of weight training/competing and wondered where you train? is it hard to swapping regular gym routines with strongman exercises? many thanks

Coach Cj Swaby said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your kind words. For me there wasn't that much difficulty in transition. I usually train heavy and more powerlifting type training (plus throw in sprints x 2 per week).

I did all my conventional training in a gym (modifying some equipment) and then added one technical session (i.e log lift, farmers walk etc) at a strongman/ bodybuilding gym in dartford, which is all the training my schedule allowed.

I was one point off from podium place. There are some things I will change for next time, but thats more environmental.

Its great fun highly recommend.

What type of training are you doing? and how are you adapting?