Monday, 20 August 2012

Why I Don't Give FREE Training Advice

By Coach Cj Swaby

It had been a long night. It went down like this,

Him: So you are a Coach?

Me: Yep.

Him: So I bought this detox pack from.. [ a well known health store]  is it worth it?

Me: I wouldn't know. I haven't seen the product, or the research behind it, and I don't know your training and health goals.

Him: Ok, well its just that I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy and....

[Please note we are in a pub and I've just witnessed him down 7 pints in less than an hour,  light up a cigarette or two, and describe his eating habits]

Me: The thing is until you get the basics right, all that other stuff is a waste of time. There are no quick fix solutions.

Him:  Yeah, I know, its just that I've been trying to get healthy over the last six months and....

Me: What specifically have you done to get healthy? And What are you currently doing?



So why don't I give free training advice? because its free, therefore you often do not value it, as you did not have to invest anything in the first place to get it.

If I gave you a golden nugget for free, which had the power to totally transform your health,  it would probably lay scattered on the floor with all the other  fitness magazines, or stashed at the back of your cupboard, with all those other supplements you were planning on taking.  Perhaps even resting along side your neatly folded, top of the range gym kit which has yet to see a workout.

Now if I gave you that same golden nugget, and charged you through the nose for it, chances are you would probably listen, and even take action. The sad truth is, people often value money more than  their  health.

Believe it or not  my knowledge cost me.  I had to invest in courses and books to further my knowledge,  it cost me my time and experience to find out what works and what doesn't.  I travelled the globe to train with some of the best in the industry. I put in effort, sweat and blood  (literally in some cases).

How often have you thought about that when you ask a professional in any industry? Do you recognise this when you stop me for some "quick tips". Why would I give you this for free when you do not respect or appreciate it? More importantly, why would I give you this for free when you chose not to take action on it?

If you are sincere, I am more than accommodating in pointing you in the right direction,  but  before I do, I will ask you this one thing,

 "If I answer,  are you prepared to take action and do whatever it takes to get what you want?"

Be true. Don't waste my time or yours. As Bruce Lee said,  " Always something for something. Never something for nothing."

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Ema B said...

Precisely! Very well put.