Monday, 25 June 2012

Wild Physique Unleashed: Journey Into Strength 2012

By Coach Cj Swaby

So training is now in full swing for my first strongman event at the end of July, Bigger Faster, Stronger.   Its been a huge learning curve for me and I'm enjoying the process.

As you may know I've entered the individual and the team event. It almost came to a grinding halt this week when we were a man down. Matt Whitmore of Fitter London was unable to compete as part of the team.  We had less than 6 weeks, plus we are raising money for the worthwhile charity The African Village School and they were depending on us.

After a brief moment of panic, Bj  of Optimal Life Fitness came up with a sterling suggestion, "Why don't we ask Andy Marshall." Andy "The Goat" Marshall runs Mill Hill Combat Academy.  Andy's response? "Pumped to be on board. You know we have to win this thing, it's first or nothing. "  I smiled. Once again its on.

Bj and I decided to get some technical work in on the Log lift.  In the week we headed out to Reflexions gym. This is as far from a global gym as you can get. Chalk, heavy iron and all the strongman toys you could want. Not a whiff of Zumba or a lycra clad body insight. A breath of fresh air.

 They guys were really friendly and accommodating. They showed us where the kit was and left us to it. If we needed anything they were on hand. We got down to the nuts and bolts of our training.

Now that I am getting a better understanding to how my body responds to this type of training, and becoming more technically proficient,  I am allowing myself to enjoy the training more - even the bits that hurt!

With 5 weeks to go, it looks as if the final  team will be more than ready.

If you want to take part, or just come down and support us, you can find out more about the event, Bigger Faster Stronger by clicking HERE. 

To find out more about  the UK based charity The African Village School and the great work they do in Swaziland, click HERE.

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