Friday, 22 June 2012

Wild Physique Unleashed: Journey Into Strength 2012

By Coach Cj Swaby

With six weeks out until Bigger, Faster Stronger competition at Grinstead. I had booked in a one to one technical training session with the event organiser, Andy "Iron Mac" McKenzie.

If you do not know who Andy McKenzie is, you really should get to know. He is a renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach who walks the walk and dominated the UK Strength and Power Meet in 2010.

The reason for seeing Andy was pretty simple. If I wanted to put in a good performance at the competition I had to make sure my preparation was on point.

I had never experienced the Log lift and I wanted to get expert coaching to ensure that I was not just effective, but also efficient. Thats where Iron Mac came in.

I took the trip to Grinstead to visit the renowned  Training Lab.  As you pull up to the door of the gym you are greeted with a plaque that pretty much sums up Andy McKenzie's training philosophy. " Setting Standards Not Limits". I smiled, it was like coming home.

I entered the gym as was greeted with a tidy gym, that boasts all the toys and none of the gimmicks of commercial global gyms. Power racks, cages, Olympic platforms, ropes, rowers,  Kettlebells, dumbbells (even circus dumbbells), punch bags and most importantly - chalk. Andy gave me the tour, then we got down to business.

Andy is an outstanding coach. He breaks down the technique so that it is easy to get to grips with the fundamentals, and ensures that you can execute it. He does this with charisma and authority.  I picked his brain on various aspects and benefited greatly from his knowledge. The clip below is a great example.

Having had that session with Andy Mckenzie I am now far more confident in my ability and look forward to putting it to the test at Bigger Faster Stronger on 29th July.

You can find out more about Andy McKenzie at

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