Thursday, 20 October 2011

FULL THROTTLE FITNESS WOW #5 + link to class video!

By Sabina Skala

Balance Performance Physiotherapy on Saturdays afternoon is probably the only place in London where you can meet martial artists of different disciplines, kettlebell lifters, rugby player(s) and fitness enthusiasts training together. I love it! ;)

Here is what we have done:

Warm up - joint mobility, animals, etc

Main session:

6 rounds of

20 sec work 10 sec rest ( rest 1 full minute inbetween rounds)

Frog hop

Push up

Front Squat

Push Press


Deck squat


Cool down with static holds (hand stands, wall sits, plank)

Short video clip from the session can be found here
(in case you wonder how "banana" looks like).

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