Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tim Ferris: The 4 hour Ethos

By Coach Cj Swaby

His best selling book, The 4 Hour Work Week changed the game. It's arrival caught the wave of a jilted generation that was caught up in a collapsing economy, job cuts, downsizing, industries disappearing, worthless education,  while it appeared we worked harder and seemed to get little in return. Least of all self fulfilment and a compelling future.

Tim Ferris gave us life style design for a modern age. He showed how to adapt to our evolving times, and utilise the tools at your disposal so that you can create with certainty, the future you want.  His unique concepts means that it could all be possible on a 4 hour work week.  

So successful with his consistent application, he then went on to  author the 4 Hour Body, applying the same principles to health and fitness. He cut through all the garbage perpetuating the industry, and distilled it to the most effective methods that work. He used his body as the testing ground, and documented it in detail in his book, The 4 hour Body.

On January 14th 2013 Tim Ferris will be delivering his 4 Hour Ethos in London. The event is hosted by This will be the only time Tim will be in the UK in 2013 so don't miss this fantastic opportunity. You can find out more and book for this exciting event here.

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