Wednesday, 1 February 2012

CJS Kettlebells Presents; Dinosaur Training & Beyond Workshop

By Coach Cj Swaby

CJS Kettlebells, the highly established British Kettlebell training provider, has teamed up with top U.S strength coaches, Brooks Kubik of Dinosaur Training, and Mike Mahler of Aggressive Strength, to deliver the two day ground breaking Dinosaur Training and Beyond workshop in London. This is the first time ever in the UK.

The fitness industry has recently seen a renaissance in strength training for men and women, breaking away from mainstream body building to embrace functional strength and athletic development. Discovering the benefits of hormone optimisation has been critical to this movement, with strength Coach Mike Mahler standing prominently at the head of the field in the U.S. Tom Wyskida who tackled hormone optimisation with Mike explains.

"When I started with six months ago, I could just barely squeak out 3 good pull ups. This morning I did 12. Six months ago, my waistline measured 37 inches. This morning it is 30 inches. I can no longer wear any of the clothes that I did six months ago. I am also able to deadlift 300lbs for 3 reps. When I started, my total Testosterone was 192 and free was 40.7. In July, total was 481 and free was 78.9."

—Tom Wyskida

Barbells, Dumbells and Kettlebells are the tools of choice for this emerging collective. Brook Kubiks definitive book, Dinosaur Training, radically shaped the future of strength training globally for close to a decade. Simplistic and effective, it served as a wake up call to many who had become disillusioned and had realised routines in fitness magazines didn't work, and their local gym was more interested in taking their money, rather than their success.

Performance Coach Cj Swaby, and Strength Coach Sabina Skala of CJS Kettlebells have been restlessly pushing the boundaries of Kettlebell strength training in the UK since 2003. Setting the standards for Kettlebell workshops and classes that show how to drastically improve strength fitness and alter body fat with guaranteed results. Now, in June 2012 they will show how the "Odd Lifts" of Strongmen and Strongwomen of a golden era can be effectively integrated alongside Olympic Weightlifting for phenomenal results in strength fitness.

The two day workshop will take place at the Optimal Life Fitness Centre in Hither Green, London, from June 9th - June 10th 2012. For additional information and to book a place on the workshop visit Dinosaur Training and Beyond Workshop. Alternatively contact CJS Kettlebells here.

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