Friday, 27 March 2009

CJS Fitness Supports Charity 10K Bone Marrow-thon

Having lost a brother to Cancer, Charities supporting the cause are close to my heart. Couple that with a sporting event and for me you've got a winning combination. That's why I, and CJS Fitness are supporting the ACLT 10K Bone Marrow-thon this summer, 6th June 2009 at Regents Park.

The ACLT are an established charity that promote bone marrow and blood donation. The ACLT was founded in 1996 by Beverly De-gale and Orin Lewis three years after their son Daniel De-Gale was diagnosed with Leukemia. The ordeal they experienced finding a suitable donor prompted them to establish the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT) so that others would not have to go through the same traumatic experience.

How is CJS Fitness Supporting the ACLT?

Cj Swaby will be leading free training runs 6 weeks prior to the 10K Bone Marrow-thon to make sure all participants are in top shape. The running groups will be suitable for all levels. Full details will be given when you join up for the run. You can do that here

CJS Fitness has also provided training programmes from complete beginners to advanced, so that you will have complete confidence in your ability come race day. The training programmes will be emailed to you when the ACLT have received your registration.

Cj Swaby has also signed up to do the 10K Bone Marrow-thon and will be trotting around Regents Park with the rest of the runners.

So whip out your running gear, and get going for a charity that's making a difference.

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