Sunday, 8 February 2009

Kids and Kettlebells - Too Much Too Soon?

Have a look at the clip, what do you think?

All credit to Nocona, there is no taking away what he has achieved, it was a truly awesome feet of strength at a body weight of 97lbs and at 13 years of age. But therein lies the question, if he was 23 years of age at the same body weight, Jerking the 24kg what would we be saying?

I would be looking at form, because form determines function. Quality of movement is paramount. It doesn't matter if your three years old, thirteen years old or thirty three, the same rules apply.

When working with a heavier Kettlebell than you are used to, there is a parameter of chaos that your body will have to adapt to in order to execute the movement. After a given tipping point form will go, and then you are in the hazard zone (and you don't want to be there).

The Jerk in the video may not have been text book stuff, and it may not have been pretty, and while I do have some reservations - no injury occurred. The key is to know when to 'Rack it' and end the set as in this video.

No matter how much your ego may tempt you to go on, quitting while you're ahead is not the same as quitting. If you're working with a Kettlebell Coach, a good Coach will know when, and when not to.

Once again, more power to Nocona Jodrey, very, very impressive.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cj, apart from two acceptable wobbles he seems to hold them steady overhead. The rack position is something we all need to work on and he has one helluva sway back but we dont know what is normal for this kid, how well he is maintaining his position or at what, if any, cost. He's getting his whole body into it and doing moderate reps - I say well done to boy and coach. Loving the round of applause given for each rep!