Sunday, 1 February 2009

Creative Training? or Just Plain Nuts?!

Some have you may have seen this video clip before on Youtube or the Industrial Strength London Blog. I had some interesting conversations with some Coaches and Physiotherapists following this post. Watch the video, you'll understand why.

There is a lot of research available on Hypoxia training, or often more specific to altitude training. The theory goes, that when faced with low oxygen concentration levels the body will undergo several adaptations which have a positive carry over to performance when either 1) The body has to perform under low oxygen concentration levels or 2) Performance will be enhanced when oxygen concentration levels are adequate thus giving you the edge on your opponent.

London's very own innovative sports performance equipment company, Hybreathe, are developing a portable device that can potentially deliver the benefits of altitude training. But before they spend silly amounts of money getting it well and truly wrong, they're asking for your feedback and ideas. As a thank you, you're in with a chance of winning some rather cool stuff. Fill out an online survey and give your thoughts here.

Triathlete magazine has an interesting article about altitude (hypoxia) training, but as you can see from the clip above there could be interesting carry over to combat sports."

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