Monday, 17 November 2008

CJS Fitness 12 Minute Christmas Challenge

Its been a while since the last post. A lot of exciting developments have been taking place which I will posting more about in the coming weeks and the run down to 2009!

So the festive season is quickly approaching and along with it the Christmas party invite. For many people this time of the year is when all the hard work you've done in training goes clean out the window. Too many social engagements and too little time to workout. The weight piles on, the guilt factor lays siege to you conscience. You tell yourself that you'll train hard in the new year. You try to put it on the back burner and enjoy yourself, but it niggles at the back of your mind.

Not enough time to train? Bah Humbug I tell you! Below is an example of how the CJS Fitness Team will be keeping the pounds at bay over the festive season. 12 minutes once a day minimum, twice a day if you want serious results. After you have warmed up thoroughly keep the training method the same but simply substitute with your exercise of choice. This is an extremely challenging routine. Please ensure that you have medical clearance and are physically fit before undertaking any physical activity or exercise routine.
Not enough time to train? Nonsense!


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JC said...

You've made a great point and 12mins a day seems doable - but what kind of stuff can we do? How should we fill the minutes?