Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Strength is the New Black

Every day my inbox is filled with newsletters from different strength and fitness 'gurus' with the latest tips on how to excel my performance or maintain my masculinity by proving how strong I am with the latest training protocol. Its official: strength training is in BIG TIME!

Some might find it strange that as a strength and conditioning trainer I am even writing this blog entry. I guess what is niggling me is the new style of online strength training marketing (by this I mean training for absolute strength). When it comes to training there is nothing new under the sun. Simply carefully packaged and regurgitated information. The best training systems or protocols have been in place for some time. Are new systems and protocols really 'new' or merely refined or slightly modified versions, with a heavy dose of 'bling' to make it more palatable? Don't be fooled by the hype. The individual and their commitment to training is far more important than the training system. There are NO QUICK FIXES.

My final thoughts? Strength training is valid, but be clear what your training goals are, be clear what your sport or activity requires and stick with that. Its easy to be tempted by something more glitz and glamorous, but Sometimes the best training program doesn't require a radical upheaval of what you are already doing, merely minor adjustments here and there. If absolute strength training is the new black, I'm wearing red.

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Will M said...

How very true. Lets get ready for the Jan 1st messages to fill our inboxes. Its not much different than the message I got last year funnily enough. But there is always the extra fast method, just out for '09.