Saturday, 13 September 2008

One big reason you're not achieving your goals

The bottom line is, how important is that goal to you? I read an article by Strength and Conditioning Coach Charles Staley, while simplistic in nature, it rang true. If you hear yourself repeatedly telling yourself (or others for that matter) about the weight you want to lose, the marathon you want to run, the weight you wish to lift, the competition you want to win, and you've been saying this for some time (and it still hasn't happened), I urge you to read his article, it will have a profound effect and may just make all the difference between you achieving what you truly want or not.

Here is an extract from the article by Strength Coach Charles Staley, creator of Escalating Density Training.

"Look: You are exactly where you want to be right now. If you REALLY wanted to be somewhere else, you'd have taken the steps necessary to be there now! Now you might say "Well, that’s not true - I know someone who is 100 pounds overweight and he’s miserable!"

To which I say, no, he’s satisfied. Clearly, the benefit he’s deriving from his behaviors still outweighs the drawbacks, or else he’d change those behaviors!

OK, let’s use me as an example. I’m reasonably lean and my goals revolve around...." For full article click here.

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