Monday, 17 January 2011

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 : WOW# 1

Full Throttle Fitness 2011: Workout Of The Week #1

By Coach Cj Swaby

BACK for the first time! (this year). After a short time off, Coach Skala and I were amped and ready for action. Coach Sabina Skala was at the helm, and I was her wing man. She was holding no punches with this metabolic workout let me tell you. I finished off with an effective timed Kettlebell Snatch and Kettlebell Jerk short set.
BIG thank you to Neuro who supported the session by providing Neuro Sport and Neuro Sonic, functional drinks, these ones are for hydration and performance (believe me, the crew REALLY appreciated them)>

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 WOW#1

Warm up: Dynamic Movement & Joint Mobility

Main Session: Coach Sabina Skala

3 rounds each circuit, 1 min work on each station, 1 min rest after completing 3 stations.

Circuit 1
(x 3 rotations)

Rowing Machine Level 7 at 1:40 500m split average
Double Kettlebell Front Squat
Heavy marine Kit Bag Flip


Circuit 2
(x 3 rotations)

3 push ups into roll (repeat continous for the duration)
Warrior Star Jumps

After refuelling and BRIEF rest of 5 minutes

Section 2: Coach Cj Swaby

Double Kettlebell Jerk x 1 minute at a tempo of 1 rep every 4 seconds
Rest 45 seconds then repeat.

Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch x 30 seconds per hand at a tempo of 1 rep every 3 seconds.

Cool Down and stretch.

Want to know what that looks like? check out link below!

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 WOW#1

Full Throttle Fitness Class

Sat 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, London SW4 6LE

T:07903 210 510

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