Saturday, 25 April 2009

Full Throttle Conditioning: Workout of the Week

Another fast paced, total body beasting at today's class. However we still focused on quality of movement not just work capacity.

At the request of some of you who are unable to make it down each week to the class, we'll be posting up each session.

Here's what we got up to...

Full Throttle Conditioning Fitness Class

Warm up: Joint Mobility and dynamic movement: 10 minutes

Fighting Fit Circuit
(1 minute per exercise)

Skipping (Speed rope)
Burpees (Any variation)
Hand to Hand Kettlebell Swings

x 2 Rounds. No rest.

Rest 1 Minute then complete again.

Kettlebell Conditioning

Heavy Kettlebell Single arm Jerk (Sprint pace: 14 - 16 Reps per minute)
x 1 minute per arm

Double Kettlebell Rack position hold x 1 minute (drop down a weight)

This equals 1 round. Complete 3 rounds with no rest.

So for example I used a 32kg for the single arm jerks, then dropped down to double 24kg for the rack position. When doing the single arm jerk, you are not looking to develop absolute strength, but strength endurance and power. So I used a weight that I could manage a cadence of 14 - 16 reps per minute.

The Finisher Circuit

Sandbag Flips
Handstand walk outs or Handstand hold (against a wall)
Lateral bunny hops over a bench

1 minute per exercise. x 2 Circuits with no rest.

Cool down and stretch out.

Job done!!

This was a challenging session (read: Metabolloxed) that had us all making primal noises that should probably not be made by a civilised human being - no word of a lie. Tough, but good fun.

For details of class times and location check it out here:

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